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The Enneagram has become very popular in recent years, and it’s likely that you have taken one of the many online tests to discover your number.  Maybe you are a 1 and you strive to see that everything is done right.  Maybe you are a 2 who finds fulfillment in helping others.  Or, you might be a 9, seeking out opportunities to create harmony and peace in the world.  Whichever number you’ve identified as the one that represents you best, the Enneagram offers incredible insight for personal and leadership development.

We would like to invite you to join us for a transformational small group coaching experience that will take you deeper into the Enneagram as we seek personal growth and leadership development.

During this 3 hour session, we will briefly present each of the nine Enneagram Types and the Three Centers, and then dive into the “deep end” by engaging in an interactive discussion that will offer practical insight to integrate the Enneagram into your personal life, your relationship with God, your relationship with others, and your business.  You will leave the gathering with a profound understanding of the Enneagram and a grasp on how you can use it as a tool to strengthen relationships and impact your success and the success of others.

Our Story

When Kristi and I first became aware of the Enneagram four years ago, we thought it was just another one of the many personality inventories available.  While pursuing my Masters Degree at Bethel University, I took several inventories to discover more about myself.  The results from each inventory proved to be helpful in my own personal and spiritual formation, so when I discovered the Enneagram, I expected it to offer a slightly different perspective of what I already knew.  WOW, WAS I WRONG OR WHAT!!!  As I wrestled to discover which number truly represented me (yes, you have to do the work of discovering which number you are... the test is only a starting point!), I began to recognize things about myself that I have been trying to understand all my life.  I started to see internal longings for what they actually were. 

I found understanding.

I found forgiveness.

And, I found God.

For me, the Enneagram was no longer just the Enneagram,

it became the EnneaWOW!

Learning more about my personality through the Enneagram was not the only benefit.  Of course, Kristi discovered her Enneagram number, too.  We began understanding each other in deeper ways than our 22 years of marriage hadn’t offered yet!   The way in which we communicate changed.  Our respect for each other increased.  Our faith was strengthened. 

Yes, it was truly an EnneaWOW experience!

But the goodness of the Enneagram didn’t stop there.  We began to share our insights with our friends and in our business relationships.  We started to understand our leaders and those we led looking through the lens of their Enneagram numbers.  We began to see the world from their perspectives, and it changed how we work with them.  We began to understand them.  All of a sudden, we started to approach our business with the purpose of helping others build theirs from their unique Enneagram number.  And what we’ve discovered has been profound! 

  • Greater Understanding
  • Clearer Communication
  • Deeper Empathy
  • Fewer Conflicts
  • Empowerment
  • Increased Fulfillment and Work Satisfaction
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Deeper Friendships

Small Groups

We are passionate about personal growth and development.  Helping you design your life is the purpose behind Illuminate Life Studio.  Throughout our professional experience in counseling, ministry, and business, we have seen how small groups have impacted people’s lives.  As a result, we have designed EnneaWOW as a small group experience.  This will provide an opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from each other that will help to cast light on the Enneagram.  In order to maintain this interactive experience, there is a limit of 9 people for each session.  There are 2 ways in which you can participate:

    Option #1:  EnneaWOW (Cabin Experience – Big Lake, MN)

      Our “EnneaWOW at the Cabin” experience will take place at our cabin on Big Lake in Minnesota.  This gathering offers an opportunity to sit and engage the material in a small group setting like no other.  Details and Directions will be provided upon enrollment.

        Option #2:  EnneaWOW (Online – Zoom)

          EnneaWOW online is a great opportunity to participate in EnneaWOW wherever you are in the world!  The gathering will take place on the Zoom platform and will be limited to 9 people to maintain the small group atmosphere.  Details and Login information will be provided upon enrollment.

          What You Will Discover

          Each session will take on a slightly different feel.  As with all small group experiences, the personalities represented in the group will contribute to the session.  However, we have designed EnneaWOW with these objectives:

            1. Discover more about yourself and others. You will come to understand yourself and others more deeply.  This will help increase your emotional quotient (E.Q.).  People with higher E.Q.’s have been found to be more successful in life and leadership.
            2. Discover your “why.” Finding your “why” has become an important aspect of personal development in recent years, but is your “why” really what you think it is?  Your Enneagram will reveal exactly why you do what you do!
            3. Discover what’s holding you back. The enneagram offers insight about the messages that come from deep within your mind.  You’ll find out how to silence the voices that keep you from success.
            4. Discover how you connect with God. The Enneagram offers amazing insight on how you can personally foster a stronger connection with God.  What does His voice sound like?
            5. Discover how you work. When you work from who you are, you will no longer look for a “one-size-fits-all” method.  Instead, you will approach your work by focusing on how you were designed to be and the unique gifts you have to offer.
            6. Discover how you lead. You will begin to communicate differently with those you lead.  Your business relationships will thrive, and you’ll feel understood.
            7. Discover how others work. Through this discovery, you will be able to offer support and empowerment to your leaders so they can thrive.


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